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Twitch streamer criticizes Blizzard for absurd statement about Diablo 4: “What the hell?”

Streamer Quintin “Quin69” Crawford is one of the leading Action RPG specialists on Twitch. He is known for his insane runs in Path of Exile and Diablo 3. In a new Twitch stream, he reads a blog post from Blizzard about Diablo 4 and can’t believe what Blizzard writes there about the monetization of Diablo 4: You can “earn things for free” – the New Zealander doesn’t understand that.

What is the absurd statement that Quin69 is upset about? Blizzard released a new quarterly update for Diablo 4 on August 18 (via blizzard). The blog post makes it clear that with Diablo 4 the developers expressly want to distance themselves from the Diablo Immortal payment system.

Blizzard’s mobile game was criticized for being “Pay2Win”: you can spend money to advance in the game.

Some Blizzard fans were afraid that Blizzard could also come up with such heretical ideas in the “real Diablo”, in Diablo 4 – although Benedict Grothaus, author at MeinMMO, thinks it’s a great idea if Diablo 4 has some of Immortal watches.

This passage can now be found in the post about Diablo 4:

The pass grants players a range of free rewards just for playing.


In English: “Through the pass players can earn a variety of rewards for free, just by playing.”

In the trailer we show you 2 classes of Diablo 4:

Diablo 4: Druid, Sorceress and Barbarian in the gameplay trailer

So you’re telling me: I can play the game I bought?

Why does Quin69 finish this statement so badly? Quin69 gets really upset about the wording that you can “earn something for free.” The fact that Blizzard emphasizes such a matter of course in a game obviously kills him.

Above all, “free” is also nonsense, because Diablo 4 will be a full-price title.

The Twitch streamer roars:

“Free… just for playing…. THIS IS A SHITTING COMPUTER GAME I FUCKINGLY BOUGHT MYSELF. What the hell are you guys talking about? So you’re telling me I can play the game I bought.”


According to the New Zealander, this shows how crazy and sick gaming has become in 2022.

More than 100,000 people have now seen the outbreak of Quin69 in the Twitch clip:

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This is behind it: If you know how harshly Blizzard was criticized for Diablo Immortal, it is understandable that they emphasize: The season pass has premium content, but also content that can be earned for free.

From the point of view of Quin69 and many other gamers, however, it is completely absurd to emphasize an absolute matter of course as a bonus in this way. Because you could always earn things in games you bought.

So here it shines through: Gaming 2022 is already so commercialized that the normality it has been for decades is already an advantage that needs to be emphasized separately.

On MeinMMO, we have already dealt with the influence Diablo Immortal could have on Diablo 4:

How will the success of Diablo Immortal affect Diablo 4 and the future of Blizzard?

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