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We’re giving you a much requested feature

MeinMMO got a function that many of you wished for. You can now hide specific topics from your For Me feed.

This function is about: With many greetings from the editorial team, we bring you news today that will make one or the other happy. MeinMMO gets a new function for the favorites area.

From now on you can use additional filters on the topics and hide topics that you don’t want to see in your “For me” feed.

How it works: Each of our items is assigned to a specific category. The normal main category is “News”, but there are also “Specials”, “Breaking”, “Twitch”, “Hardware” etc. You can see which category an article belongs to above under the heading.

The PS5 ticker belongs to the categories News and Hardware.

The Ingore function for topics is therefore based on which category an article belongs to. To activate the function, you first need an account with MeinMMO.

After logging in, go to the favorites on the left on the start page and open the topic tab there. There you could only select the topics that interest you the most. Thanks to the new function, you can now also hide unwanted topics.

So: Favorites → Themes → Add or hide.

This is what it looks like live and in color:

mmmo themes filter
E-sports, giveaways, guides and mobile games are no longer displayed to me.

Once opted out, these topics will be removed from your For Me feed. It’s a feature that we’ve received many requests for and have now implemented. In this way you can put your favorite topics together more flexibly.

If you don’t see the block icons yet, reload the page and clear your cache.

We want to know: Since this feature is brand new, we especially want feedback from you guys on how it works. Are you missing something? Are there any bugs or problems? Put them in the comments, preferably together with a screenshot and details about your operating system and browser. You can upload screenshots to upload services like imgur.

Also let us know what other features you would like to see on the site. While we can’t guarantee they’ll all be implemented immediately, we’ll take a closer look at the most requested ones.

Greetings, your MeinMMO team.

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