What’s next after the big leaks to GTA 6? Social media doesn’t want any comments at first

Probably the biggest topic of the last few days was the leak for GTA VI (GTA 6), with around 90 videos from various stages of development of the game. The first damage limitation was carried out, now the FBI is involved and on Twitter and Co. Rockstar Games does not want any comments for the time being.

In the days after the huge hack and leak to the latest installment in the GTA series, GTA VI, the topic is far from off the table. Forum operators suspect that at least two people were involved in the hack. The FBI is now on the case too.

What happened?

  • On September 18th, GTA VI leaks with 90 videos were published in the GTA Forums. They showed gameplay material from some very early development phases.
  • The leaked videos showed shootings, muggings and police chases.
  • Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive began banning the leaks from the internet soon after release.
  • On September 19, Rockstar Games released a statement saying it was extremely disappointed and that the hacker illegally gained access to Rockstar Games’ networks.

The FBI investigates – against 2 hackers?

What speaks for multiple hackers? The line of GTAForums website looked at the hacker’s account that showed the material on the forum. In a statement it says: Due to the posting behavior and the IP addresses, one has reason to assume that “at least 2 people” are said to have actively used the teapotuberhacker account.

“One is the original leaker ‘Teapot’ and the other person is called ‘Lily’.” Teapot is said to have written the first posts with the leaked material. Finally, Lily is said to have advertised a Telegram channel that is still active.

Who is behind this? Uber was recently hacked. in one Statement on the Uber website it says that the hacker probably belongs to a group called Lapsus$. The group uses similar approaches in their hacks and has already struck at Microsoft, Samsung and Nvidia. The statement continued: “It was also reported over the weekend that the same actor had invaded video game maker Rockstar Games. We are in close coordination with the FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice on this matter and will continue to support their efforts.”

Comments closed on social media

What happened recently? Rockstar Games regularly keeps its players up to date on the latest updates in their games on social networks. Every Thursday, for example, a post appears about the new bonus week in GTA Online. But something changed last Thursday, September 22nd: The comment function is deactivated. On Twitter and Instagram Can’t comment:

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Maybe Rockstar Games wants to crack down on those who can’t understand the leaked material with the closed comments. Because in the last few days, many voices have been raised that evaluated the material and wanted to draw conclusions about the quality of the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series.

As a result, many developers spoke up and counteracted these fallacies. You can find examples of this here: Players complain about the look of GTA 6 – Then developer colleagues show what game development really looks like

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