Who has the highest number of kills in fortnite; a list of records in fortnite!

As all other Battle Royales, fortnite also has its own interesting world records. One of the most popular records that shines in the battle royale is the highest number of kills in fortnite.

It is a honourable record and we can see players bragging about their achievement. If you keeps on wondering why they do so, don’t worry. It’s quiet difficult to bag a record like that.

By the looks of it, currently there is only one record left to be made and it seems impossible to crack! From highest kills in fortnite to longest snipe distance the records are pretty intense.

Readers also note that the data may be flawed as the tracker is known for inconsistent data.

Who has the highest number of kills in Fortnite?

According to the Fortnite Tracker the title of highest number of solo kills in Fortnite goes to a gamer named Ranger. He lives in Canada and also actively streams in Twitch. Currently he has set a record of 118 kills which seems impossible to be broken.

He achieved this record in the Power Up Solos LTM.  It only lasted for a short time. He has made a video about how he achieved this. Sadly he didnt won the match but bagged an amazing record in the game.

The LTM was took place in the 14 day Summer Event in 2019. Unfortunately, it never returned back to game. This record seems impossible to be broken in Regular mode. There are similar records for other modes also.

Bucklez tops up with 103 kills in Duos mode of Fortnite, which is the highest in the mode. When it comes to squads, the record is currently held by an individual known as Controller btw. He has bagged 76 kills in fortnite.

The fortnite tracker does not have a leadboard for the Trios mode. It seems that the record for the highest number of solo kills in fortnite cannot be broken. While the records set in Trios and Squad could be broken in the future.

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