Will Destiny 2 soon eliminate the annoying power level grind? – A leak says it’s not so unlikely anymore

In Destiny 2, farming the weekly top loot for more power has been a priority for years. But now a leak has indicated that this may soon no longer be necessary. Bungie is said to be planning to completely eliminate the power level grind in the future. MeinMMO tells you what’s up and why players would celebrate it.

How to level in Destiny 2? Currently, players in Destiny 2 have two ways to increase their power level.

  • On the one hand there is the so-called “real” power level. So the power that you earn exclusively through top loot and that remains when a season ends. She has a max that was power level 1570 in Season 17.
  • There is also the so-called Artifact Power. It is temporary and not permanent. After the end of the respective season, the power leveled via the artifact disappears again. However, you can use it to go beyond Destiny 2’s current maximum power level cap. For example, level up to 1600 or even higher.
Leveling over the Artifact in Destiny 2 is beautifully convenient.

Leak indicates planned abolition: Released just before Season 18 Liz from the Destiny Leaks Twitter channel then a leak that indicates the abolition of the real power level in Destiny 2. Something Bungie is said to have been planning since Season 14.

From what I heard the team was already planning in [der Season des Spleissers] get rid of the power level and make everything one big artifact level. However, the main ascent should be via activities and not via raids.”

Destiny Leaks via Twitter

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Destiny Leaks on Twitter

She hit the nail on the head with that. Because less annoying grind, which is also based on the random principle, has been annoying the players in Destiny 2 for a long time.

The double system is confusing: Above all, some players are confused by the fact that you level in Destiny 2 almost twice.

With the real power level system you are completely dependent on loot luck, i.e. RNG. If the item you need doesn’t want to drop in the right slot even after several weeks, you’re out of luck. In the worst case, the character then no longer reaches the maximum power level in the respective season.

Certainly there are many activities that also drop top loot and offer another chance. But that’s also an annoying grind in the endgame that takes just as much time. Time that some players don’t even have.

Leveling without RNG? The dream of many players in Destiny 2.

About the seasonal artifact level, levels more conveniently: However, if you only use the artifact system for leveling, then there is no longer a power level grind in Destiny 2.

  • You then level up via the seasonal artifact just by playing and collecting XP. It goes by itself.
  • You no longer have to worry about how to somehow get the required top loot in the right slot.
  • And because all players are repeatedly raised to the same base power level, the infusion system for armor and weapons could also be eliminated.

In the Destiny community, it has often been discussed that Bungie should adjust its level system. That would eventually make it easier and the annoying hard grind would be gone too. A wish that would especially accommodate occasional players.

It’s just a rumor at the moment. But if it turns out to be true, it would also fundamentally change the way the loot shooter Destiny 2 works. It would be another step away from the hard grind, which would once again take away something of the loot shooter’s old identity.

The players will perhaps find out on August 23 whether this actually happens. Then Bungie organizes its big showcase and gives a glimpse into the future. MeinMMO will of course accompany the event live.

If the leak comes true, would you welcome the elimination of the power level grind? Or do you say that this is no longer Destiny and would not be good for the game either. Leave us a comment with your personal opinion on this rumor.

Elsewhere in the community there is also a discussion, such as here about a statement by a Bungie employee that was well meant but misinterpreted:

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