With a great teaser, Blizzard makes you want to see the new class in WoW, promises a short film series

Blizzard just released a teaser for Dragonflight, the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. In it, one of the most powerful dragons in Azeroth explains what to expect when you play the new caller class in WoW.

What is this teaser? Nozdormu, the boss of the bronze dragonflight and quasi-ruler of time, declares that an “ancient enemy” is back. We’re not sure exactly who it is, but the images suggest a dragon in the monstrous Galakrond category.

In the following scenes, the old dragon talks a little about what he has already experienced and you see pictures from the history of World of Warcraft. But his own story has already been written. After all, Nozdormu even knows his own death.

But the story of the Dracthyr is only just beginning, more precisely shortly before the release of Dragonflight. You can see the teaser here:

WoW: Dragonflight – The teaser for the short film series “Legacies”

Dractyr get own short film series

Who are the Dractyr? The Callers of the Dracthyr are both a new class and a new race, and they will be playable starting November 16, a few weeks before the release of the expansion. Dragonflight will be released on November 29th.

Dracthyr are native flyers, wear chain armor, and serve as ranged healers or damage dealers in groups. One of their special features is that they fight at a distance of 30 meters – actually exactly between close-range and long-range fighters.

WoW Dragonflight: Release, Beta, New Class – Everything We Know

In an interview with the chief developers of Dragonflight, they explained to us that callers of the Dracthyr rely primarily on mobility. That is her trademark and should also be reflected in the style of play.

MeinMMO editor Benedict Grothaus has already been able to play the Rufer and is absolutely delighted. Check out gameplay for the new class here:

3 minutes of gameplay for Rufer, the new class in WoW Dragonflight

What series is this? At the end of the teaser, a short preview of short films about the Dracthyr with the title “Legacies” promises. Since “Episode 1” is mentioned, we assume that a series of videos is planned. Episode 1 will be released on October 25th.

Judging by the title and teaser, the short film series will be mostly about the past and history of the Dracthyr, maybe even the Dragon Isles.

Just a few minutes after the release, the teaser can accumulate heaps of positive comments in German and English. Even under otherwise severe criticism, the short films by the games company are repeatedly praised in the highest tones:

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