WoW is looking for a PvP professional, wants to choose a “solo champion” for the first time

For the first time ever, World of Warcraft is looking for a single champion to outperform all others in the arena. Who will be Azeroth’s best solo hero?

E-sports have been a part of World of Warcraft for a long time, especially the PvP matches in the arena are always a crowd puller, as are the dungeon tournaments. But for the first time, Blizzard isn’t looking for a team that can successfully dominate the arena – but for lone fighters.

In the grand Solo Shuffle Showdown, 72 fighters will compete and in the end only two of them can get the coveted title of champion – a DPS character and a healer.

What is solo shuffle? The Solo Shuffle is a PvP mode brought to World of Warcraft with Shadowlands. This is a very fast-paced PvP variant, in which basically everyone fights for themselves, although there is definitely a team component.

2 healers and 4 DPS players land in a game. The two healers are something like the “team captains” and can never be on the same team. The 4 DPS players, on the other hand, happily change teams after each round, so there is a different combination of players each time.

In the “Solo Shuffle” everyone fights for themselves – even if there are teams.

The goal of each game is simple: Kill a single player. The player with the worst equipment is usually selected, who is then raked by the whole team, while the healer tries in a panic to keep exactly this player alive.

In the end, the winner is whoever has the most wins.

In a tournament, gear will be balanced so there is no “obvious” weakest character.

How is the tournament going? A total of 72 players compete against each other in the knockout round and the winners in the final.

  • In the two KO rounds, 36 players are divided into 6 groups each and then play 3 matches. Each win is rewarded with one point.
  • The top 8 DPS characters and top 4 healers (by points) of each region then advance to the finals.
  • In the final, points are reset and the top 12 players in each region are randomly divided into 2 groups.
  • The 4 best DPS and 2 best healers then play a final match.

Whoever has collected the most points as a DPS or healer character on the final day will then be crowned the winner of the tournament.

How to follow the tournament? If you want to follow the tournament live, you should keep the upcoming weekend (23.09 – 25.09) and the evening hours free.

The transmission begins at 7:00 p.m. German time and will probably continue into the early hours of the night. In German, the whole thing is dated Streamer Naiikaii on Twitch accompanied, you can also watch the tournament in English YouTube pursue.

What’s special? That’s pretty clear: Blizzard is looking for strong lone fighters this time. Normally, PvP tournaments are always about the best possible teams that work together almost perfectly. This time, however, is different.

While team play is necessary in Solo Shuffle, at the end of the day everyone is fighting for themselves and only one player from each category (DPS or healer) can win. Since the teams are always changing, quick adaptation is necessary.

Incidentally, with Dragonflight, Solo Shuffle will become a fixed, ranked game mode. In doing so, Blizzard is fulfilling a long-standing wish of PvP fans for a “solo que”, so that one does not necessarily have to rely on a team in order to still be able to achieve high performance in PvP.

What do you think of a PvP tournament looking for single champions? An interesting innovation that will also benefit solo players? Or should PvP in WoW always be based on team performance?

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