Xbox One didn’t stand a chance against the PS4

Microsoft currently has to justify the purchase of Activision Blizzard in a court in Brazil. This involves questions of competition law. In the course of this, the Xbox parent company took a stand on its console sales and it turns out that the Xbox One had no chance against the PS4.

What were the sales of both consoles like? Sony recently released final sales figures for the PS4 console. This officially marks the end of the life cycle of the PlayStation console.

Microsoft is reluctant to sell their Xbox units. However, in a report to a Brazilian court, he commented on how many units of the Xbox One were sold compared to the PS4.

  • The PS4 sold twice as much as the Xbox One

According to the report, “Sony has outperformed Microsoft in terms of console sales, having sold more than twice as many as Xbox in the last generation” (via

Accordingly, less than 58.5 million Xbox One consoles went over the counter. This aligns with a previous report by Ampere Analysis, which came up with around 51 million units (via

You can find out more about the battle between the two gaming giants before the Brazilian competition authorities here:

The 8th generation “console war” between Sony and Microsoft clearly goes to PlayStation. That wasn’t exactly foreseeable before the launch of the consoles in November 2013. The PS3 and Xbox 360 fought a very close battle in Gen 7:

  • 87.4 million PS3
  • 84 million Xbox One

Incidentally, Nintendo played no role in this generation of consoles. It was the time of the Wii U, a hybrid console operated with a large handheld controller (2012 release).

What’s next? Analysts also see PlayStation ahead again with the current 9th generation of consoles, but no longer with the strong lead of the last generation.

However, the gaming industry is currently at a crossroads and Sony and Microsoft both stand for different strategies, which was less the case in the past. Roughly this means:

  • Xbox is pushing into the market with its Game Pass and extended compatibility. PC and console are becoming more and more similar, it will soon be more a decision between controller/couch and mouse/keyboard/desk. You want to bring even large paid titles into the cheap Game Pass for the release.
  • Sony, on the other hand, wants to continue protecting its big games and score points with exclusivity at the time of release. They want to focus more on free2play and service gaming to make their gaming offering more accessible. However, one also reacts to the aggressive competition and has greatly adapted and expanded its PS Plus offer.

The next few years will show how the market decides. We are currently in a consolidation phase and many studios are being bought up by the biggest players: Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard, Sony’s Bungie.

EA and Ubisoft are no longer safe either. The CEO of Activision Blizzard once explained why this is so: Activision Blizzard explains why they had to sell themselves instead of buying EA

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