You will soon be able to collect digital rewards on PS4 and PS5

Sony unveiled a new system for the PS4 and PS5 at State of Play. The program is called “PlayStation Stars” and is intended to digitally reward loyal customers. But fans are demanding something completely different in order for the digital rewards to be of any use at all.

At the State of Play event stream, Sony regularly presents innovations and new games for the PS4 and PS5. Sony is also regularly rolling out new features to make games feel smoother and faster on the PS5.

There were also plenty of fresh announcements on September 13, 2022, including information about a digital bonus program for loyal players on PS4 and PS5: “PlayStation Stars.”

But the reaction of the players is divided. On the one hand they think the idea is cool, on the other hand another demand is currently at the top of the list that would be more important.

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PlayStation Stars is designed to reward long-time and loyal fans

What is this exactly? PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program for PS4 and PS5. All members have the opportunity to collect loyalty points and can then spend them again in a catalogue. If you’re a PS Plus subscriber, you’ll also earn points when you buy games from the PS Store.

What exactly did you present? in the latest blog post the digital collectibles have now been presented. According to Sony, these are “digital representations of things that PlayStation fans enjoy, such as figurines of popular and iconic characters from games and other forms of entertainment, and treasured devices that reflect Sony’s history of innovation.”

The presented collectibles include about

  • The PlayStation 3
  • Punto the gondolier from Ape Escape 2 (cover image)
  • PocketStation
  • Toro and Kuro celebrate their birthday
  • and Polygon Man

How and when can you collect this? Sony had not yet explained exactly how to collect these digital items. The program is scheduled to start in Asia at the end of September, with Europe and North America to follow a few weeks later.

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Fans finally want an improved home screen

What is the community’s demand? Many gamers think the idea of ​​PlayStation Stars is pretty cool, but at the same time state that they want something completely different: an improved home screen.

Such a revised home screen has been required for a long time, and one particularly wishes for more personalization options. With PlayStation Stars, many are even more demanding this change, because the new digital collectibles have to be able to be exhibited somewhere. For example, a user writes under the official YouTube video:

I really hope that in the near future we’ll get something like PS Home where we can place these collectibles.

What do you think? Do you think such digital collectibles are cool or are you not interested in them?

Other PS5 features and updates: Sony recently released a major update for the PS5. It includes a number of new features that you can use immediately on your PS5. MeinMMO editor Benedikt Schlotmann is particularly pleased about one function:

Sony is finally bringing the feature to the PS5 today that I’ve been waiting for for 2 years

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