Daily ‘Octordle’ Answers 583 August 30th, 2023 – Hints and Solutions (8/30/23)


Here are the answers for the Octordle words #583 today, released on August 30th, 2023 and some hints to help you solve them.

Octordle is a difficult game in which players must guess eight five-letter words at the same time while only having thirteen guesses! The game functions similarly to Wordle in that there are no clues to assist you in guessing the words, but once you have guessed a word, the tiles will change colour.

The colours will show you if you guessed the correct letters and if they are in the correct order. There is no correct or incorrect way to play the game, but we recommend attempting to guess words that use the majority of the letters of the alphabet in as few guesses as possible first.

This will help you realize which letters appear in each word so you can solve the words quickly and efficiently. There may be some words that have repeated letters, so make sure you keep that in mind when guessing the words.

Octordle - How to Play
Octordle – How to Play

As this puzzle is tricky, we do have some hints to help you if you are struggling, all of which can be seen below.

Octordle 583 Words Hints Today (August 30th, 2023)

Here are the clues we have for all the eight words for Octordle 583 today.

Hint 1: There is a K in word 3 only.
Hint 2: There is a V in word 2 only.
Hint 3: There is a J in word 7 only.
Hint 4: There is an F in words 4 and 8.
Hint 5: There are no repeated letters in any words today.
Hint 6: There are no double letters in any words.
Hint 7: Here are the starting letters of each word:

  • Word 1: O
  • Word 2: H
  • Word 3: W
  • Word 4: B
  • Word 5: A
  • Word 6: C
  • Word 7: E
  • Word 8: C

Hint 8: Here is a little description or clue for all of the words:

  • Word 1: having lived for a long time; no longer young.
  • Word 2: remain in one place in the air.
  • Word 3: something, especially a vehicle or building, that has been badly damaged or destroyed.
  • Word 4: used to express approval when a performer or other person has done something well.
  • Word 5: in the time following (an event or another period of time).
  • Word 6: act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage.
  • Word 7: take delight or pleasure in (an activity or occasion).
  • Word 8: the power or quality of delightingattracting, or fascinating others.

What is the Octordle 583 Answer Today? (8/30/23)

Here are all of the answers for Octordle 583 released today on August 30th, 2023:

  • Word 1: OLDER
  • Word 2: HOVER
  • Word 3: WRECK
  • Word 4: BRAVO
  • Word 5: AFTER
  • Word 6: CHEAT
  • Word 7: ENJOY
  • Word 8: CHARM

You can see how I got the words in the image below:

Daily Octordle Answer 583 - August 30th 2023
Daily Octordle Answer 583 – August 30th 2023

Octordle Daily Sequence Answers Today (August 30th, 2023)

There is another mode you can play once you have completed the daily Octordle, called the Daily Sequence.

The Sequence Mode is similar to the original Octordle game with the following changes.

  1. Only one unsolved word is visible at a time. Once you solve a word, the next board for the next board is unlocked.
  2. 15 guesses are allowed instead of the standard 13 due to the added difficulty

Here are the answers to the puzzle released on August 30th, 2023:

  • Word 1: JOKER
  • Word 2: SHELF
  • Word 3: OPIUM
  • Word 4: DUSTY
  • Word 5: STOVE
  • Word 6: PESTO
  • Word 7: FLIRT
  • Word 8: DONOR
Daily Octordle 580 Sequence Answer - August 30th 2023
Daily Octordle 580 Sequence Answer – August 30th 2023

Octordle Daily Rescue Answers Today (August 30th, 2023)

Rescue Games are more difficult to win which is more fun! You have 9 guesses to answer 8 words, so use the extra guess wisely. You may lose and lose often, don’t be frustrated and embrace it. Focus on getting as many words as possible instead of winning.

  1. The first 4 words are chosen automatically.
  2. You have 9 guesses remaining to guess the 8 words. You can only miss 1, so be thoughtful!

Here are the answers to the Octordle Rescue puzzle today (30th August, 2023):

  • Word 1: RIGOR
  • Word 2: FLIER
  • Word 3: NIECE
  • Word 4: CATER
  • Word 5: MOOSE
  • Word 6: DELAY
  • Word 7: MERGE
  • Word 8: AGLOW
Daily Octordle 583 Rescue Answer - August 30th 2023
Daily Octordle 583 Rescue Answer – August 30th 2023

Let us know in the comments section below if you managed to get some or all of the Octordle words today.

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